10 Things

10 Things


Lakeshore Foundation is a non-profit organization known internationally as a leader in adapted sport, recreation, fitness, aquatics, research and advocacy.

Making a Difference

Alabama needs Lakeshore. Twenty-two percent of adults in the United States and 30 percent of adults in Alabama have some type of disability. Our state ranks second in the percentage of people with disability. That’s what motivates Lakeshore to serve this valuable community.

Economic impact

Lakeshore has an economic impact on the Birmingham metropolitan area of $33.6 million and attracts more than 1,300 visitors from outside the Birmingham MSA.

Olympic training

Lakeshore is celebrating 15 years as an official U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Site and is the home of the U.S. Wheelchair Rugby Team, ranked #1 in the world. Several other U.S. teams and athletes train and compete at the facility.


Lakeshore actively promotes inclusive policies and programs at the local, state, national and international levels.


In 2009, Lakeshore joined forces with UAB to create the UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborative which is leading the nation in research related to people with disability.

Lima Foxtrot

Lakeshore has served more than 2,600 injured servicemen and women and their families from 46 states through its Lima Foxtrot Program for injured military. Participants use lessons from sport and recreation to pursue an active, healthy lifestyle.

Health & Wellness

The Lakeshore Foundation campus is the epicenter of health and wellness for people with disability and chronic health conditions and includes the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, Encompass Health, Children’s of Alabama and UAB.

For the Children

Children with disabilities in our community and across Alabama get active at Lakeshore by participating in daily programs, athletics, recreation and camps, often the only structured physical education they receive.


Lakeshore is a place where people can push themselves to try new things and succeed at whatever they want to accomplish. At Lakeshore, there is no physical limit to human achievement.