Ten Things About Buffalo Rock

1. Family Owned

Buffalo Rock is a  fourth generation, family owned business.

2. Everyone Loves Ginger

Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale was created in 1901 and sold by the Alabama Grocery Company, which was subsequently renamed Buffalo Rock Company in the 1920’s.

3.The Wild West

Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale was named by Sid Lee as a nod to America’s fascination for the western frontier.

4.The South

The largest single family owned Pepsi bottler in the U.S., Buffalo Rock has 14 distribution centers in Alabama, West Georgia and the panhandle of Florida.

5. Bottled Up

Innovations: Buffalo Rock introduced the soft drink industry to using non-returnable bottles with the 12- and 20- ounce bottles and the 3-liter bottle.

6. Made in the Magic City

Eighty-five percent of the beverages Buffalo Rock sells are manufactured here in Birmingham. The company produces  almost a billion containers annually.

7.  Be a Pepper

First bottler in the Pepsi or Coke system in the United States to buy a Dr Pepper franchise to manufacture and distribute Dr Pepper.

8. A Southern Thing

Buffalo Rock Company owns the Southern favorite Grapico, which is 100 years old this year.

9. Community

James C. Lee Sr.: “You put back into the community what you take out.” Buffalo Rock has had a commitment to the community from its inception with organizations such as United Way of Central Alabama, KidOne, Children’s of Alabama, Boy Scouts of America, and countless others.

10. Sustained

Buffalo Rock is  committed to sustainability efforts including reduced water usage, energy efficient lighting, and recycling. Their aim is to be a zero landfill company.