10 Things About McWane, Inc.

About McWane, INC.

1. Family Ties


McWane, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest privately owned companies. It’s been owned and operated by five generations of the McWane family for 95 years.

2. Eco-Friendly


McWane is the nation’s leading manufacturer of ductile iron pipe used in water infrastructure around the country and the world. Its ductile iron pipes are made of 95 percent recycled material and are 100 percent recyclable. 

3. International Influence


It has grown from one foundry in 1921 to more than 35 locations in 11 countries.

4. Cooking With Gas


The company also produces valves and hydrants that help put out fires, propane tanks that hold gas that heats homes or cooks a steak on the grill, and fittings and couplings. Additionally, it makes fire extinguishers and environmentally friendly foam that help fight fires at homes, businesses, and airports, and it recently expanded into the technology sector and the Internet of Things.

5. Scientifically Speaking


In the late 1990s then-Chairman James R. McWane was a leading contributor for what became the McWane Science Center. Today McWane, Inc. continues to be one of its biggest supporters.

6. Casting Call


One of founder James Ransom McWane’s earliest commissions was the casting of Moretti’s statue of Vulcan for exhibition at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Nearly 100 years later, McWane led the way in financing the restoration of Vulcan to return the Birmingham icon to its original glory atop Red Mountain.

7. Safe Keeping


As of 2016, McWane has had six sites qualify for OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program, which recognizes exemplary health and safety programs. Less than 1 percent of all work sites in the U.S. qualify, and no other company in the waterworks foundry industry has a plant in the program. 

8. Fire To Frying Pan


The company’s AB&I facility in Oakland, California, partners with local law enforcement to melt and transform confiscated guns into cast iron skillets that are distributed to local residents.

9. Greenspace

McWane built Greenwood Park located off Tallapoosa Street near the Birmingham airport.

10. For The Kids

In 2009, the McWane Foundation donated $5 million to Alabama’s Children’s Hospital to build a new LEED-certified hospital.