Rocket Pitch: Kevin McCroskey & Jason Oleinick


Business Model

We concentrate on custom electronics systems in commercial, theatre, luxury residential, and multi-family spaces. We have completed projects worldwide, including New York, Boston, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Opportunity in the Market

In high-rise residential buildings, we go into their sales centers and give them touch-screen video walls, table-top displays, and holograms that greet you. What we mostly do is help their sales people sell it. They are selling an $18 million penthouse, so they spend a lot in order to wow potential customers.

In homes, we do control systems where a phone or remote will control whole home automation. If you are spending the money, it can also coordinate locks, shades windows, gates, TV, audio, and the thermostat.

We sell these rooms that pretty much give you a surround projection. A sales center, for example, is trying to show the actual floor view of the unit they are trying to sell. The walls can show you what you would actually see out the windows on the floor you want

Our commercial department handles commercial work as well as worship spaces. A big problem for a lot of worship spaces is sound. We have the kind of background that lends itself really well to working in that field.

Our engineering and design department solves problems. One of the things we do is become the project manager for the whole technology aspect of the project. We end being the company that knows how to put it all together.

Where the Business is Going

Giant Theatres is a brand of Twist that we will use exclusively in that theatre market. Theatres and institutional theatres comes from our background in IMAX theatres. Our CEO founded Sonics Associates, which did the sound for IMAX theatres worldwide. We are getting back into that market with this company because some technology has changed.


President Kevin McCroskey started his career in the music business, and his first venture was Odyssey Music Festival, a two-day camping event that featured 15 national, regional, and local bands. After graduating from Auburn University, he began working in sales at Oxmoor Corporation, where he managed ZON audio dealer direct accounts in addition to directing the domestic distributor program. He brings industry knowledge, planning, and sales skills to Twist Technology.

Sales Director Jason Oleinick has been working with Twist for almost seven years and started his current position in 2015. He has sold projects here in Birmingham, as well as Tuscaloosa, Miami, New York, and Boston, and been the top producer each of those seven years, working with everyone from athletes to multi-million dollar developers. A people person, he has many years of experience negotiating big contracts for high profile projects.

Photo by Billy Brown