Meet the 205: Dan Monroe

Cayenne is a creative brand-development agency in Birmingham that offers national and international brand storytelling experience in the form of an agile creative firm. Monroe, who earned an English degree in 1983, labors under the delusion that there’s a great American novel trapped in one of his pens. He serves on the board of the Birmingham YMCA and is actively involved with the Cahaba River Society, Co-Starters, and the Birmingham Sunrise Rotary Club.

Alma Mater: Vanderbilt University (B.A., English), Nashville, Tenn.

Passion/Hobby: Writing, sailing, hiking

Beverage of Choice: Lagavullin 16-year-old Scotch whiskey

Toughest Challenge: Three-way tie: (1) Caring for a colicky infant (2) Army training and (3) Quitting cigarettes

Favorite Book: Beach Music by Pat Conroy