Chef Spotlight: Joey Dickerson

Joey Dickerson is a Birmingham native who has been cooking for 25 plus years. Harriet Reis and Paget Pizitz knew he would be perfect when they decided to start a food truck almost five years ago. They brought the idea to him and he brought his love, creativity, and passion for food. Not long after Matilda, the name of the Melt food truck, began roaming the streets, this trio began looking at locations for brick and mortar.

They opened Melt restaurant in Avondale a year later. Dickerson’s take on food at Melt is a modern twist on a classic American comfort food. He took grilled cheese to an all new level. His vision here was to create a menu that appeals to all walks of life while keeping things new and exciting.

While growing Melt, the trio decided to open Fancy’s on 5th, a casual oyster dive and burger bar.  At Fancy’s the chef’s vision was truly uncaged and set free. He has created an approachable way to eat oysters from all regions of the country. On the menu, he has a variety of burgers, each with its own personality. He changes his menus seasonally to keep folks on their toes but always maintains the fan favorites.

It is Dickerson’s experience in both casual and fine dining that make him such a brilliant chef. People are naturally drawn to his food and the environment created in these restaurants. In addition to Dickerson’s many talents, he has a big heart, makes his daughter, Allison, a priority, and loves his family.