Viewpoint: Move It

By Bill Todd 

Video is taking over the content world. It is moving every major marketing decision across the globe. The scramble is on to compete for the flittering attention of media-savvy consumers who expect to be engaged and entertained.

And rightfully so. The nearly unlimited growth of smartphone usage and data means all of us are walking around with infinite TV channels in our pockets and purses. While “appointment television”—actually sitting in front of a television to watch a scheduled program —isn’t going away, the limits of time and space have disappeared with mobile devices. And consumers expect more sophisticated and interesting video all the time.

The headlines come in around the clock every day. Major media companies are throwing all the money they can at video. Whether it’s Fox pouring millions into theSkimm as that publication begins short-form video production, or the NFL brokering a deal to stream its broadcasts on Twitter (Twitter!), or YouTube building its own streaming cable system, the tectonic plates of media consumption are morphing into a new world that we’ve never seen before.

For the first time ever, digital video companies like Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube as an industry are able to claim more viewers of their content than the broadcast television industry. It’s a point the broadcast industry sternly disputes. But the fact is, the video landscape is changing, and the barrier to entry is lower than ever before.

Brands that don’t jump into the growing video content pool are going to be left high and dry. Worse than that, they’ll be ignored.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Video is the leveler of uneven playing fields. Even the smallest brand can compete with bigger brands with cost-effective video that can be consumed over all kinds of
media at the same time.

Not everybody can be on broadcast television, but anybody can be on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat. It’s predicted that Facebook users alone will upload three times more video next year than they will this year.

How can your business join this revolution? The first step is to decide you want in.

Businesses of virtually any size can harness this wave of video consumption by partnering with smart creative companies that strategically map out and produce streams of video content to invite curiosity, build awareness, and strengthen

You just have to want to compete, entertain and en- gage through video.

A revolution, indeed.

Bill Todd, APR is the president and partner of o2 Ideas, a Birmingham-based marketing, communications and advertising agency.