10 Things About Appleseed Workshop

1. Why Appleseed Tribes

Iron Tribe quickly became an important Appleseed client with a shared vision, great network, and a plan for multiple locations, meaning a dependable revenue stream.

2.Good Taste

Appleseed designed and built a number of cutting-edge restaurants in Birmingham including Bamboo, Paramount, and El Barrio. Each design tells a strong visual story about the restaurant and the unique experience it offers.

3. Let’s Loft

Repurposing a loft is a lesson in salvaging beautiful old materials and adding interest with new materials. A recent loft spans an entire floor in the John Hand Building. They focused on breathing new life into the existing Alabama white marble tiles on the floor and panels on the walls by polishing it, while also incorporating strong new elements like concrete, industrial light fixtures, and multi-purpose plyboo (bamboo + plywood) built-ins.

4. Giving Back

Appleseed was among the architecture firms that volunteered to determine structure viability in Tuscaloosa with the AIA after the April 27, 2011, tornado devastation. The team is heavily involved in their churches, has done pro bono design work for The Firehouse Shelter, serves other local shelters, and has donated to and been involved in many REV Birmingham initiatives. Recently, the team took a mission trip to Africa with friends at Iron Tribe and Vapor International.

5. Never Thirst

NeverThirst is one of Appleseed’s favorite charities. It provides clean water solutions through local churches in north Africa and southern Asia.

6. The Next Big Thing

Appleseed Workshop just closed on a building on Third Avenue North that will be its future headquarters. The building has a 3,200-square-foot restaurant space available as well as a 6,000-square-foot third floor. The fourth floor was sold to Platypi and the smaller of the restaurant spaces will be home to a new ramen shop called Shu Shop.

7. Apples Gone Green

The team at Appleseed Workshop are preservationists to a degree, but only when the aspects of an existing building need to be preserved. If an item was made to perform as well as anything new, they feel that craftsmanship is worth learning from and remembering. Each project they pursue is meant to inspire the community to identify existing value and help bring the magic back one project at a time.
8. The Art of Design

Wide, open floor plans present clients with a classic conundrum: how to make sense of a space with infinite possibilities. The blank canvas for Business Interiors started with a warehouse of high ceilings and exposed brick. The space was designed with public versus private areas delineated through flooring changes—concrete versus carpet—and serpentine ceiling lines. Raw, high-ceilinged areas articulate pathways, while white drop ceilings bring work tasks and display vignettes into focus.

9. If They Had a Hammer

Appleseed creates custom items for the spaces they build because furniture is in their blood and roots. Appleseed started as a furniture company when founder Mike Gibson was still in college.
10. Get Cooking

The kitchen is usually the heart of a space. Appleseed strives to create spaces that bring people a deeper, more meaningful experience in life.