Rocket Pitch: Drew Goneke

Business Model:

South Cypress sells high-quality flooring products (tile, marble, hardwood, and more) at a great value online—meeting the needs of the modern consumers with modern solutions by utilizing an efficient ordering system and providing best–in-class service.

Opportunity in the Market:

South Cypress saw an opportunity to provide more value to the customer by curating our own brand of products. Now in our first showroom in Birmingham’s Pepper Place, South Cypress sells our own brand at a great value by sourcing most of the products directly from the manufacturer. Our sourcing model, combined with an intense focus on the customer experience, has propelled our business forward and landed us on the Inc. 5000 multiple times.

Where the Business is Going:

We see an opportunity to expand the business both online and through showrooms. The showrooms provide a place for trade professionals and homeowners to get quality products at a fair price with great service. Future showrooms are being considered and would be established in convenient locations for our customers to have their needs met individually.

Drew Goneke grew up around his family-owned flooring business in Mobile, Alabama. Goneke attended college at UAB, where he played baseball for the Blazers. He contemplated going into the medical field, but he was struck with the idea of bringing flooring products to a national audience by having an internet-based business. Soon after, South Cypress was formed in Birmingham.

Capitalizing on an opportunity in the market and, now, a decade of growth and experience, has served Goneke and his company well. South Cypress has been named to the Inc. 5000 list—which identifies America’s fastest-growing private businesses—several times and has opened the company’s flagship showroom in Birmingham.

What is a rocket pitch?

Simply put, it’s you getting across the purpose of your business and doing it in just three minutes. Also known as “the elevator speech,” your rocket pitch should focus on three main points–the opportunity, market, and business model of your company–that convey the key reasons why a potential client should want to know more about what you do.

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